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Innovative Waters provides technological solutions for water treatment problems.

Our cellular control devices help you to connect wirelessly and seamlessly to remote locations.

Our wireless internt modem / cellular auto dialer and discount cell data plans will increase your efficiency and streamline costs.

Alarms notifiy you in real-time as problems happen - stay on top of your remote locations, cheaply and effectively.

Our wireless remote alarm uses built-in, 2-way telemetry and cellular autodialers to provide alarm autodialing, remote monitoring, datalogging and reporting. Starts at $15 mo

  • August, 2009: Launching of BobAlert at AWT- join us and Bob's partners at this year's AWT in Hollywood Florida. Bob will be available at the following booths:

  • Bundle Bob with H2Tronics


    Booth 607


    Bundle BobAlert with Pumps and Conrtrols


    Booth 104


    Find BobAlert in USA Bluebook


    Booth 811


  • April, 2009: Launching of BobAlert Bundled - 24/7 On-Site Monitoring Alarm. We'll bundle it with your NEW controller.

  • March, 2008: Launching of BobAlert - 24/7 On-Site Monitoring Alarm

  • February, 2007: Launching of Replacement Probe for Aquatrac 2Smart

  • October, 2006: Launching of Non-Mechanical Water Meters

  • September, 2006: AWT Presentation, Charlotte N.C.: Non-Mechanical Water Meters

  • February 2006: Innovative Waters Launches our New Flow Switch Manifolds for new installations for stand-alone controllers.

  • January 2006: Innovative Waters Launches our New 2x2 Conductivity Sensors

  • December: 2005: Innovative Waters Launches our New Liquid Level Switch

  • October, 2005: Innovative Waters Launches our New Flow Switch

  • September, 2005: AWT Presentation, Palm Springs: Microchip Technology Applied to Water Treatment

  • September, 2004: AWT Presentation, Nashville: New Flow Switch and Conductivity Probe Technology

Innovative, the back story:

Innovative Waters grew out of the need to improve water treatment. By working closely with those serving in the field, we've been able to create products that help water treaters save time, money and work more efficiently.

The Old Technology

In traditional methods of flow measurement, a float, magnet, spring, or metal blade are implemented. In conductivity, 2 stainless steel rods or 2 graphite electrodes are used to measure the resistance between them when voltage is applied. Although these methods have served our field well, there are inherent problems: mechanical systems are prone to breakdown and contamination.

Example Problems with the Old Technology

  • Organic debris circulating in the system often interferes with the proper movement of the flow switch’s mechanical parts. Cooling towers pull down dust and dirt into the system; leaves and even lost birds can find their way into the water. In these instances, the flow switch gets stuck and can’t operate properly.
  • Even more problematic is when metal debris from piping sticks to the magnetic part of the flow switch rendering it useless.
  • As for conductivity, sensor readings often yield lower results as deposits accumulate on the electrodes. Constant cleaning becomes the requirement for accurate readings.
  • In conductivity sensors, multiple calibrations are required for a couple weeks after a sensor is cleaned to make certain it's working correctly.

The Solution

Microelectronics became a part of our nomenclature in 1958 when a new branch of electronics began miniaturizing electronic circuits and components.

Since then, microelectronic technology has revolutionized:
  • consumer goods
  • scientific and medical instrumentation
  • aerospace
  • communication
micro-electronic water treatment equipment

Micro engineering has made it is possible to fabricate bionic hands, heart rhythm devices, and bone stimulating apparatus. In Aerospace, microchips control takeoffs and landings of the shuttle, and they’re present in our everyday life, from cell phones to coffee makers.

It was only a matter of time to apply a proven technology in other fields to the treatment of water.

Using microelectronics for managing water treatment is a natural progression of our field, and the benefits of embracing this different and improved technology are many, especially in sensors such as flow switches and conductivity probes.

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Innovative Waters, LLC -- high-tech, low-cost pioneering technology -- improving Industrial and Drinking Water and Waste Water Treatment with flow switches, flow meters, water conductivity sensors, liquid level switches, flow switch manifolds, water meters, and 24-hour alarm monitoring systems for cooling towers, industrial & process water treatment: BobAlert and Modem Millie

Our latest products BobAlert and ModemMillie are cellular/wireless, onsite monitoring systems that send alarms at the first sign of trouble - they're on duty 24/7.

For use with Advantage Aquatrac Chemtrol Lakewood LMI Pulsafeeder or Walchem controllers -- Plus other applications.
Innovative Waters, LLC the home of high-tech, low-cost pioneering technology: Modem Millie, ModemMillie, BobAlert Wireless Alarm, flow switches, conductivity sensors, flow meters and water meters for cooling towers, industrial & process water treatment.

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